Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Society of Handicapped Physicians

We are looking for active members of the American Society of Handicapped Physicians (ASHP) to learn more about this organization. The ASHP does not currently have a website and we have not had any luck contacting this organization. If anyone is an active member or has received information from the ASHP recently, please contact us.

It is our hope to collaborate with the American Society of Handicapped Physicians and to provide disabled physicians with valuable resources and tools.


  1. I think we should contact the AMA for assistance. I have asked them several times as a member that they should allow disabled physicians to use the AMA as a link to start/collaborate with forming a group support system for handicapped physicians. They always send me to the psych. guy for addicted MDs! I am willing to help work with Dr. Kim or others in this potential endeavor. DocSue

  2. I am developing a telemedicine system for rural healthcare. PAs and NPs do the onside work, but I plan to hire physicians as telemed consultants. This can be done by physicians with disabilities, or even from their bedrooms, at flexible hours. Please let me know if any are interested --