Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Career development for doctors with a disability

Here's a link to an old BMJ article titled, "Career development for doctors with a disability."
Doctors with disability can face discrimination and hostility from their colleagues, though they are more likely to be better employees. Stuart Mercer, general practitioner and amputee, discusses
This article was written in 1998. We definitely need some modern resources to help disabled physicians find the right type of employment. Our hope is that the power of the Internet will allow disabled heatlhcare professionals to have the ability to share their stories of successes and failures so that others may learn and get inspired to pursue the right types of career opportunities.

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  1. I agree. In the UK and Canada there exists active organizations that utilize their disabled physicians. I joined both groups in the past and I was surprised by the governmental support for employment of these physicians. I know of nothing in the US and would love to facilitate a similar program for handicapped or disabled physicians. I can call my Senator and see if we can obtain a grant to start a website and go from there if I can get some interest/signatures to show the need. I read a statistic that stated that up to 5% of all physicians are handicapped. I would still like to practice my skills in some meaninful way


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