Monday, April 16, 2012

When a medical student with a disability gets dismissed from school

Over the years, we have encountered a number of medical students with disabilities who have been dismissed from medical school. Some of these students have learned valuable lessons by going through both positive and negative experiences. Others have struggled alone, seeking to find information, advice, and guidance.

If you know anyone who could provide support, guidance, or assistance to medical students with disabilities, please let us know and contact us.


  1. There should be regulations on this. Medical students have to be aware of their condition as well.

  2. There must be a good reason why medical schools dismiss students with disabilities. I understand that it's very hard for these students to accept the fact that they can't continue with their medical career. Disability will not make them a lesser person, but it can be a hindrance for them to serve other people who have serious medical conditions as well.

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