Doctors with cancer

Over the years, there have been a number of stories published online about doctors who have undergone treatment for cancer.

NPR did a segment a number of years ago titled, "When Physicians Get Cancer."

In 2012, there was a story about Dr. Kate Granger, a 29-yr old doctor in the UK who writes how she became a better doctor as she battled metastatic ovarian cancer.

Sometimes, cancer treatment may leave the physician physically disabled. There are many ways to build a supportive community to help you battle cancer. Some people share their stories on social media sites like Facebook and reserve their private posts only for close friends and family. Others may use a website like Caring Bridge to share their stories with a select group of individuals.

Some will also leverage online patient communities like PatientsLikeMe to meet other individuals who have similar conditions and to learn from their experiences.

If you have cancer, you're not alone. Find others who are willing to support you through your journey. If you develop a disability, meet others who can help you navigate the path of working with a disability.