UK’s General Medical Council: Welcomed and Valued

The UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) has recently launched a podcast series dedicated to disability in medicine. It's called Able medics and it came about as the GMC spoke with medical students and doctors with disabilities to develop its guidance document called "Welcomed and valued."

The "Welcomed and valued" guidance is advisory, to help organisations consider how best to support medical students and doctors in training. The guidance refers to statutory requirements for medical schools and organisations involved in postgraduate training, and provides practical suggestions for organisations to consider.

The guidance is split into the following six sections:
  1. Welcomed and valued: Health and disability in medicine
  2. Welcomed and valued: Our involvement as a professional regulator
  3. Welcomed and valued: What is expected of medical education organisations and employers?
  4. Welcomed and valued: How can medical schools apply their duties?
  5. Welcomed and valued: Transition from medical school to Foundation training
  6. Welcomed and valued: How can postgraduate educators apply their duties?

Learn more about "Welcomed and valued."

Access the "Able medics" podcast series.