Living with Health Conditions During Medical Training

The NEJM Resident 360 recently hosted an online threaded discussion titled, "Living with Health Conditions During Medical Training." 

Topics included:
  • Connecting Trainees to Others With Shared Experience
  • Community-building for trainees living with health conditions, disabilities and illnesses
  • Protecting Trainees from Ableism
  • Supporting Students through the Stress of Documentation
  • Prioritizing Trainee Mental Health
  • How do trainees go about selecting disability insurance?
  • Navigating Extracurricular Spaces
  • Strategies for Balancing Health and Academics/Social Life
  • Exclusion of Disabilities Education from Medical Education
  • Examples of Integrating Disabilities Curricula into Medical Education
  • Universal Design in Medical School Curricula
  • Balancing Well-Being and Training Through Accommodations
  • and more...